Kevin.Murphy is an amazing product line that is not only high end but is as natural as a line can get without being refrigerated! I have never been disappointed in all my experience using Kevin.Murphy products. They are performance based products and stand true to being like "skin care for the hair". All of Kevin.Murphy products are PETA approved and eco-conscious, even down to the packaging. I stand behind these products 100% - they truly speak for themselves. I only want the best for my clients and their hair and the Kevin.Murphy products provide that quality.



The Color.Me color line is truly like no other. Their ammonia and PPD free products benefit not only my typical clients but also my clients with sensitivities or allergies. The icing on the cake is that neither me or you have to breathe in harsh chemicals that are typically associated with hair dyes! The luscious honey base allows for smooth application, even on the most porous hair. Pomegranate rich in antioxidants help nourish the hair. There are even reflects within the colors that help replicate natural looking hair. Not only will you walk out of the studio with hair that is in better condition but your friends will never know that your covering it!



Olaplex treatments can either be the key to repairing damaged hair or the insurance to keep your hair from becoming damaged! They are important, especially if you are using lightening services. Adding Olaplex to your highlighting services will allow you to brighten up without breaking your hair apart. 

Don't get lightening services? A simple Olaplex treatment will leave your hair looking and feeling beautiful, strong & ready to take on whatever you have in store. The best part is it only takes about 20 minutes!